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There’s an app for that. 7 apps to use for your next renovation

05 April 2023

Renovating is a huge undertaking but there is an app to help with just about everything! From creating floor plans to staying on budget, these 7 apps will help your renovation run smoothly.

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There’s an app for everything these days, which is great news for renovators. You’ve got all the tools, tricks and resources you can imagine right at your fingertips. Whether it’s your first big project or you’re a seasoned renovator, these apps will soon be taking up a chunk of your screen time.

1. Magicplan

Best for: Planning and project management
This app is a favourite among contractors. It’s kitted out with some high-level project management and reporting tools, which are a step above what a renovator might need. But the sketching and design tools are second to none. You can create 2D floor plans and 3D models to share with your team of tradespeople to help bring your renovation plans to life as accurately as possible.

2. Room Planner

Best for: Planning and design
Room planner is a slightly more user-friendly version of the Magicplan app. It’s a dedicated room design app where you can measure your space, create stunning 2D and 3D floor plans, decorate and furnish your interior and make professional visualisations. You can take inspiration from a library of pre-designed layouts or start from scratch.

3. Paint Tester

Best for: Design
This handy app takes the guesswork out of painting. It’s a clever visualisation tool that allows you to swatch hundreds of different colours on your walls without picking up a paint brush. Take a photo of the room you’d like to change then load it into the app to see how your preferred new paint colour will look. The app will automatically adjust the lighting, find corners and edges and mask off certain areas to give you a realistic impression of your space.

4. Sun Seeker

Best for: Planning and design
Wondering where to position a window or skylight to maximise the natural light? Check out Sun Seeker. It’s a comprehensive solar tracking app that can help you understand the position of your house in relation to the natural patterns of the sun. Knowing where the light hits and at what time of day can also help you choose what type of blinds or curtains you need. Search for Sun Seeker in the app store.

5. Evernote

Best for: Project management
Evernote is a digital organiser that can act as a central point of inspiration for your project. Store all of your photos, ideas and documents in one place. You can screenshot and markup web pages to refer to later, and even forward emails to Evernote to keep everything reno-related in one spot.

6. Trello

Best for: Organisation and project management
If you love spreadsheets but hate data entry, Trello is the renovation app for you. Create “sticky notes” with as much detail as you like – add photos, due dates, labels and links. You can use it on your phone or laptop to manage your project tasks and timelines.

7. Rapid Reno Mate

Best for: Project and budget management
This app is the brainchild of well-known Australian design and renovation expert Naomi Findlay. Rapid Reno Mate acts as your personal project manager to keep you organised and on budget during your reno. It has some nifty budget management tools to help you track your costs and can help you find local suppliers and trades.

A few other renovations resources to check out

For design inspiration and tips for renovators, Domain’s blog won’t disappoint. You’ll also get to size up any competitors in your local area and get an idea of what your place might be worth after your reno.

Houzz is another great website for gathering inspiration. It has an online community that offers helpful reno advice and has a handy tool to help you find the right professional for your project.

We should all be considering more sustainable options when heading into a renovation, and the government’s Your Home website makes it super simple. It’s an independent guide to selecting more sustainable materials, appliances, resources and designs.

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